Upright Scrubber Dryer TSM WILLMOP 50 B

TSM WILLMOP 50 B brings together the high power and performance of an industrial scrubber dryer with the mobility and flexibility!

Introducing the upright scrubber dryer TSM WILLMOP 50 B, cleaners can say goodbye to the traditional mop and bucket, improving the efficiency and productivity of their cleaning operations.

TSM WILLMOP 50 B brings together the high power and performance of an industrial scrubber dryer with the mobility and flexibility of a floor mop allowing the user to clean over 2.100 m2/h.

Tight spaces are now easily accessible thanks to its 360° steering, which gives to the users an impressive free maneuverability.

This futuristic mop is perfect for the maintenance of commercial areas, hospitals, schools, restaurants and airports.

Party like there is no cleanup today, you WillMop in no time tomorrow!

You can't do without TSM WILLMOP because:

  • it’s so intuitive to use that no training is needed; 
  • it’s an easy swivel operation – even with one hand; 
  • it’s detachable solution & recovery tanks; 
  • it gives a continuous work flow as you can quickly swap the battery while operating the machine with another;
  • it’s completely cordless and powered by lithium batteries with a “quick charge” time of 60 minutes; 
  • it allows to clean along wall borders; 
  • it’s the squeegee located immediately behind brushes avoiding splashes; 
  • it’s a high performing vacuum system to reduce slips and fall hazards presented by a traditional mop; 
  • it can be easily transported on wheels, and stored inside cars’ trunk.

Technical specifications:

Brushes size (mm) 2x250
Brush rpm 350
Brushes pressure (kg) 26
Brush motor power (W) 2x250
Squeege width (mm) 600
Watef lift (mm H2O) 890
Vacuum motor power (stages) (W) 280
Total power (W) 980
Battery charger (A/h) 5
Max battery capacity (DIN) 28 (Lithium) Ah/1
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 600x600x1190
Weight without batteries (kg) 20,5
Weight with battery and water (kg) 29,6

Watch the introductory video!


Willmop 50B

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Willmop 50B FIN

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